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Manù Hophan, born 1956

lives and works in Zurich.

Last Exhibitions:

2011 Kunstkiosk, Galerie Oxyd, Winterthur

2010 galerie sylva denzler, Zürich, «Stadtrand»

2006 Museum of Contemporary Art, Esfahan (Groupexhibition)

2005 Helmhaus, Zurich
Shedhalle, Zurich (Groupexhibition)

2004 Literaturhaus Zurich

This is me with the mask of a cat.

I started my art-education in Germany.
First in a School for Puppet- and Mask Theatre. After I went to Berlin to study scenography.
My Prof. Achim Freyer, was a former Brecht pupil.
Achim Freyer taught me that art can also be a survival kit. When one morning, a schoolfriend of mine entered the class very pale and wouldnt like to work, because his girlfriend had left him and he was feeling brokenhearded, the prof exclaimed: «Crisis, you have a crisis! You should use your crisis to paint!